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In Memory of 

Richard McKay

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The Stickman Drum Experience team has been deeply moved and humbled by our time with Rick.  Our very first encounter with him was on April 30, 2012.  That is the date by which our team had agreed that if we didn't hit our target number of registrations for the brand new drum camp we created, we were going to shut it down, refund everyone their money and cut our losses.  The number of registrations that were confirmed was significantly below the target number.  We were disappointed, but becoming resigned that Stickman Drum Experience was not meant to be.  At 7:07 that evening, we received a registration from Richard McKay.  One more registration did not make the target number.  It was what Rick commented on his registration that changed everything:

"[I have] terminal cancer on chemo periodically for the past 4 years.  This is a life time dream to attend such a drum clinic... I am so looking forward to this opportunity, thanks so much for hosting such an event.  See you soon."

After wiping a few tears from our eyes, we got back to work on the camp.  Clearly it WAS meant to be. 

The 2012 camp did not hit its target numbers, but it was an amazing success in all the ways that really matter.  It was inspiring seeing how much Rick enjoyed the camp, his positive attitude in the face of health challenges, his passion for drumming and living each day to the fullest.  Rick was able to attend not only Stickman Drum Experience 2012, but 2013 as well. 

Sadly, Rick passed away in November 2013.  We are fortunate to have known him and grateful for all that has been contributed in his memory to a camp that likely would never have happened without him.  Rick's family continues to be an inspiration to us and we all know that Rick is there with us in spirit every year.   

In Memory of Richard McKay (1955 - 2013) 

Family and friends of Rick McKay sponsor Stickman Drum Experience.  Read more to find out why. 

"Rick showed an interest in drums at an early age and his Mom bought his first kit when he was 13.  He took a few lessons, but basically was self-taught.  Over the years, he played in a few bands, but unfortunately, it didn't pay the bills, so he went to work for the CNR.  He loved to teach his nephews and his granddaughter, Chantelle the drums and to play for friends when he could.  He of course loved showing his grandchildren how to play in later years, that gave him such pleasure.  When Rick and Lynne got married, she saw his love for drumming, so surprised him with a kit.  He loved to entertain friends and family.  When Rick became ill in 2008, Lynne started adding to his kit to give him more incentive to play.  During this time, he spent hours with Chance and Natalia, his grandchildren, teaching them how to play.  Also at this time family friend, Jade, took an interest in the drums, so he tried to show her too. 

Then in 2012, it was the beginning of Drum Camp.  This experience was the best medicine for him.  For months before and after the camp he was at his best.  He absolutely loved his time at the camp.  The friends he made there, the utmost pleasure of participating breathed life into him.  Everyone who knew Rick saw what Stickman meant to him.  Rick and Lynne decided to make sure his love for the camp was known so that is why the sponsorship, the legacy fund and also that any donations in Rick's memory be made to Stickman.  Rick would be so pleased that Lynne and Bryan are seeing that his love for drums, music and respect for everyone involved in Stickman are carried out.  See you at Finale night!"  --- provided by Lynne McKay