Stickman Drum Experience 

The snare building was a really great event on many levels.  To actually be hands on (with a monster like Ronn) building MY Own custom drum was a great experience.   I could buy the best drum in the world, but I could never buy the experience so uniquely.  I feel like it was really successful and everyone was really happy with the end product.  Who wouldn't be?!

----- Eric Lau, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

What did our 2016 drum builders have to say 6 months later? 

Snare Building Workshop

The optional Snare Building Workshop is an amazing opportunity to work with award winning, world renowned drum builder, Ronn Dunnett   

I love my Dunnett snare.  It was an absolute blast building it.  I got to use tools I would never have a chance to use in my daily life.  Every time I play my beautiful snare I have a great sense of accomplishment because I made it myself.

----- Shauna Clarke, Regina, Saskatchewan

As far as how it sounds, I LOVE it.  I have a few kits, but this snare has been on one of the kits since the day I brought it home.  I have shot approximately 30 YouTube videos with this snare.  I think it sounded great in every one.  It should last for years to come.  I signed up for next year.  I can't wait to go back.

------- Tim Goff, Langdon, North Dakota

The snare building workshop was an amazing group event!  It was also a great bonding experience to share in the building process with the other attendees.  I have been using the snare I built for both recording and live gigs and it sounds great!!  And my band members were suitably impressed that I was involved in building it :)!  This is an event not to be missed!  Well worth the add-on price!!

------ Todd Player, Regina, Saskatchewan

  Here is how it works:

  • The Snare Building Workshop with Ronn Dunnett is an optional add-on to Stickman Drum Experience 2017
  • There is an additional fee of $250 to cover your materials
  • The snare drum you build is yours to keep
  • You have a choice of making a 14" X 4.5" or a 13" X 6.5" 
  • Although other camp attendees will be able to observe, there will be no Stickman Dunnett  snare for them to take home
  • Sign up for the Snare Building Workshop when you register for Stickman Drum Experience 2017

Ronn Dunnett debuted his unique Snare Building Workshop at Stickman Drum Experience 2016