"This Stickman Drum Experience is the best format for teaching, learning and sharing that I have ever encountered to date and I  have been to more than a few.  Every moment is designed to inspire and share the qualities of music making that encourages us to move forward in our pursuit of excellence in the arts"

Billy Ward (Joan Osborne, Robbie Robertson, B.B. King)

Above: Billy Ward chillin' on the deck at Cedar Lodge

"What an amazing and inspiring concept!  The location alone was enough to inspire, but combine that with the incredible student to teacher ratio and you have a winning package.  The students are eager to learn and are hungry for information.  Having access to such a diverse team of artists/educators is a dream come true.  I would have loved to have something like this when I was a younger man." 

Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean, Kelly Clarkson, Bryan Adams)

"The things that go on here are different from any other drum camp experience...

It's a very peaceful atmosphere, you can just get away.  It's very beautiful for me.  I live in Los Angeles and partially in New York, so I am in big cities and then a plane or on stage all the time.  Out here are some of the most passionate people about drumming that I have ever met.  The moment I landed, I felt this pull for me as an artist, as an instructor.  I loved that because that lets me know that people are hungry so I'm willing to go above and beyond to answer questions.  I'm also eager to share everything that I have, who I am, and the other teachers are as well.  And the experience in total is ridiculous!  It's been very exciting and very fun.  You gotta check this out, seriously, it's just one of those things.  You just gotta come and then you can be as tired as I am because you are having so much fun."  Chris Coleman (Chaka Kahn, Christina Aguilera) 

Above:  Rich Redmond repping Stickman Drum Experience while on the road with Jason Aldean

In this video, Matt Halpern (Periphery, Bandhappy) talks about Stickman Drum Experience during his performance at the Regina Drum Festival

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Our Attendees

"The vibe is incredible.  4 days jam-packed with MUSIC.  Learning and hanging all day."

"[I liked] the diversity in the style of drumming, the drummers, the playing."

"I love that we get to meet some famous drummers.  And the food, man, it's great, thumbs up"

"I like the amazing people who attend and the great artists!  As well as the awesome people who make it happen :)  I like that the schedule is packed full every day but still have lots of down time to practice on your own and interact with everyone."

"I've attended every year, I love it here.  I couldn't ever miss Stickman!"

"I liked meeting and playing with different drummers, the food and the clinics.  It influences me to drum more.  Great experience"

"I liked the open atmosphere.  It's such an open network where artists communicate with each other.  An experience I haven't found anywhere else.  It's like the instructors are my roommates.  I also like the exposure to other styles of drumming"

"I liked absolutely everything"

"The artist line-up was incredible. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.  You are doing an a fantastic job of organizing this event.  I trust your ability to plan another amazing event next year!!!  THANKS!!!"

"I loved all the acceptance I've received from this place.  I've learnt more than I've ever learnt anywhere about myself, drums and life"

"Talent was amazing, facility, food great.  Relaxed schedule was great as well.  Great diversity of classes."

"I loved the artists, the practice rooms and the location.  If you love drumming and want to improve, this is the camp for you."

"This is the best music event I've ever been to!!!"

"[I] love Stickman Drum Experience.  This is the best weekend of my life.  I loved everything.  It was great every year"

"Insane line-up this year!!! Very different players.  Great atmosphere.  Well organized.  Not a dull moment.  Excellent hosts.  Beautiful location."

" [I liked] everything!  There was absolutely nothing I didn't like."

"I thought the diverse line-up was great!"

"I wouldn't change [this camp] at all.  I think the format of master classes during the day and clinics at night is great!"

"[I liked] the people, the location, the campers and the famous guys"

"[I liked] everything.  People like Damien Schmitt and Dafnis Prieto are the biggest treat." 

"Great line-up, amazing people.  Also great food."

" I liked the chance to hang out with awesome drummers.  The chance to meet others my age and older"

"I loved the people, artists, volunteers and all attendees, everyone is great!  Feels like the "Stickman Drum Family".  I'll always attend"

"Thank you for everything.  You've changed my life and put music back into my soul.  I've made life lasting relationships and gained knowledge"


Stickman Drum Experience