Stickman Drum Experience 

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Q. How can you offer such a great event for such a low price?

A. Lots of volunteer time and lots of support from our great sponsors!  Please check out the Sponsors page and support them whenever you can.  We could not do it without them. 

Q. I play guitar as well as drums. Can I bring my guitar for jamming?

A.  You are welcome to bring other instruments that you play.  There will be lots of opportunity to practice and jam with others. 

Q. What else should I bring?

A.  Here are some suggestions of what to pack:

  • comfortable clothes
  • sunscreen
  • personal items
  • camera
  • headphones / ipod / hearing protection
  • practice pad
  • snacks for between meals if you wish.  Buffet-style meals are included in your registration fee.  A limited selection of snacks will be available for purchase, but please feel free to bring your own. 
  • a few bucks for soft drinks if you wish.  Water, coffee, tea and juices are included in your registration fee.  Soft drinks are not, but some will be available for purchase.  On the last night only, beer will be available for purchase as well for those over 19 years old.  Proof of age may be requested so please bring your ID if you plan on purchasing alcohol. 
  • a few more bucks if you are interested in purchasing any merchandise from the Artists. 


​Q What are the accommodations like at Living Skies Retreat?

Each participant gets a small, private room with a single bed and private bathroom including a shower.  The cost of these accommodations are included in your registration fee. 

Q. Is this camp just for kids? 


Q. Is this camp just for adults?

A.  Stickman Drum Experience is for drummers of a wide range of ages.  Our attendees typically range in age from 12 to 60+. 

Q. My child would love to go to this event, but will not be 12 as of June 28, 2017.  Are there any options? 

A. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific situation. 

Q The registration form doesn't seem to work.  The submit button is grayed out and won't do anything.  How can I register? 

A. The registration form can't be submitted until all the required information has been completed.  Please ensure you have answered all of the questions indicated with a red asterisk.  If you prefer, you can download the registration form instead.  

Frequently Asked Questions