Stickman Drum Experience 

Much appreciation to Ronn Dunnett and Ed Peck

Jayson Brinkworth is a drummer, educator and writer.  He has been working in the Canadian music scene for over 25 years.  He is also the founder of the Regina Drum Festival and delivered past clinics with Kenny Arnonoff, Dom Famularo, Shawn Pelton, Chris McHugh and many more.

L to R:  Jayson Brinkworth, Laura Roddick, Jayla Brinkworth.  Front:  Cooper Brinkworth

L to R:  George, Chris and Julie Dimas

Our Team

Chris Dimas performs live and records with several bands. He also works as an audio engineer out of his studio, Grind Central Station.  Chris loves being a part of Stickman Drum Experience and sharing his passion for music. 

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