Chris Dimas, Vito Rezza, Rich Redmond, Jayson Brinkworth and Jeffrey Stock, the "Saskatchewanderer"

(Chick Corea, Robben Fordi)  June 28, 29

(Dunnett Classic Drums,

George Way Drums)

June 28 - July 2

Snare Building Workshop

Plus Bonus Skype Session with

Steven Wolf

Dafnis Prieto Master Class in the shade.

Matt Halpern and Chris Dimas 

Billy Ward Master Class


(Rascal Flatts)  June 30

(Jeff Buckley, St. Vincent)  July 1

Flo Mounier Master Class

Rich Redmond and Gerald Heyward

Daniel Glass Clinic

Jayson Brinkworth, Chris  Dimas and Chester Thompson

(Surf Dads, Bleeker, YouTube)

June 28 - July 2 

(Justin Timberlake, Madonna)  June 30

(Bryan Adams, The Odds)  June 29

Brent Fitz Skype session

June 28 - July 2, 2017

Check out this incredible, diverse, world-class Artist line-up for 2017!

Click the artist name for more info and their photo to see a video featuring that artist.

Chris Dimas and Damien Schmitt

Chris Dimas, Andrew McEnaney

Tim Smith Clinic


Mark Kelso

Rich Redmond Master Class




Chris Johnson Master Class

Mike Johnston, Gergo Borlai, Young-Pete Alexander, Jayson Brinkworth and Chris Dimas

Rich Redmond Clinic

Stickman Drum Experience 

Scott Pellegrom

Emmanuelle Caplette, Jason Sutter, Ronn Dunnett, Carter McLean

 Also check the Reviews page for feedback on the Artists and from the Artists 

Ronn Dunnett and Gergo Borlai in their Rider gear

Skype Session with Kenny Aronoff


Kevin Churko

(Aaron Pritchett, Modern Drummer Education Team)

June 28 - 30

Paul Delong, Jayson Brinkworth and Chris Coleman

Jayson Brinkworth

(Third Ion, Drumeo)  June 28

Tim Smith, Jayson Brinkworth, and Billy Ward

(Alicia Keys, Katy Perry,

Miley Cyrus, Pink,

Aretha Franklin) June 29

Rob Dankiniewich and Jayson Brinkworth




Jayson Brinkworth, Chris Dimas and Ronn Dunnett

Previous Years' Artists

Rich Redmond, Gerald Heyward and Dafnis Prieto jamming.  "It was so incredible I almost cried" said one of the attendees.