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Western Canada's Biggest Drum Event - Eat, Sleep, Breathe Drums

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Stickman Drum Experience is an amazing multi-day drum retreat providing a one of a kind, immersive experience for drummers of a wide range of ages and abilities. Players learn, jam and hang with world class musicians in a comfortable, non-competitive and creative atmosphere. You will eat, sleep and breathe drums for 3 days and 4 nights at Cedar Lodge, overlooking beautiful Blackstrap Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada.    
    Stickman Drum Experience 2014
Wednesday July 2 - Welcome Night Jam - Sponsored by Roland Canada

Thursday July 3 - Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy) and Damien Schmitt (Jean-Luc Ponty, Yannick Noah, Khaled)   

Friday July 4 - Gerald Heyward (Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson) and
Dafnis Prieto (Dafnison Music, Eddie Palmieri, Micharl Camilo)

Saturday July 5 - Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean, Kelly Clarkson, Bryan Adams)

As well as bonus classes and performances by Rob Dakiniewich (Sound Society, The Bureau) on bass and by your hosts, Jayson Brinkworth (One More Girl, Aaron Pritchett, Brad Johner) and Chris Dimas (Bermuda Love, Chris Dimas & Neuf, YouTube). 

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   Space is limited. 
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The next Stickman Drum Experience is July 1 - 5, 2015.  Two artists confirmed already: Mike Johnston and Daniel Glass!  More to come.
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Paul Delong, Jayson Brinkworth and Chris Coleman at Stickman Drum Experience 2013

Matt Halpern and Chris Dimas at
Stickman Drum Experience 2013   

Congratulations  to our Registration Prize Draw Winners so far:  Tallus Scott of Saskatoon, winner of a Sabian 16" O-Zone Crash,  Dylan Dobrescu of Regina, winner of a brick of Vater Power 5B Nylon Tip Sticks and Andrew Dynna of Prince Albert, the winner of a Zildjian 18" Crash Cymbal!
Highlights of this Event

- Incredible access to big name artists and experts
- Immersive drum experience with others who love drumming as much as you do

- Indoor and outdoor drumming activities throughout the day and evening

- Practice rooms open 12 hours a day, all weekend long
- “Fire Pit Drumhang”

- Grand Finale “Drum Karaoke” night with a live band.  Invite friends and family to come watch you perform!
- Tons of prizes and giveaways throughout the event

- Meals and double occupancy accommodations included.

- Driving distance from Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Lloydminster and Minot. Only 30 minutes from the Saskatoon International Airport


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Feedback from SDE Attendees

"World Class instructors (the best in the business) at an extremely low price point.  Again, this camp provides you with direct one on one contact with the drumming stars of our time!"

"I loved it!"

"Artists were great.  Down to earth, friendly, very informative.  Staff and organizers were great. Tasty foods.  Great prizes."

"Some of the best times of my life!"

"I liked everything, but mostly the people!  From the artists to the folks running it! 

"I plan to attend every year until the camp stops or I die"

"I liked everything!  The performers were EXCELLENT! This year was too awesome to describe"

"Doesn't matter how good you are we all learn and have fun and learn from each other.  No one is put down"

"I liked everything, I can't even put it into words :)"

"I liked learning things from the musicians who came in and also being able to be around people that share my passion"

"I liked hanging out with professionals and I liked the food."

"It was fun.  The food was good, the people were nice, I learned Lots." 

"I liked Absolutely EVERYTHING."

"I liked meeting new people, getting tips from pros, everything"

"I liked the people, the artists, constant drumming, practice rooms, prizes, and classes and performances."

"I liked the environment (physical and people), learning all day every day, relaxed camp, not uptight and crazy rules... we're all adults here :), swag."

"I'm never going to miss this camp again."

"Its like a community because the people here can teach you stuff and you teach them stuff too."

"I liked the relaxed atmosphere, open atmosphere, availability of instructors."

"I liked the food, instructors, meeting new people / networking, the tuning clinic."

"I liked the players, the food, the classes, the performers."

"I liked the Hangtime with the Artists + I liked the food"

"I liked meeting the drummers and the Pro drummers, jamming together.  Good food.  Learned a few things."

"I want you to know just how much I appreciate Jayson and the Dimas family for bringing this experience to Saskatchewan.  We took something away from every artist... both drumming & life experiences.  Thank you!"

"What an amazing and inspiring concept!  The location alone was enough to inspire, but combine that with the incredible student to teacher ratio, and you have a winning package"  Rich Redmond

Repping Stickman Drum Experience while on tour with Jason Aldean

Video: Matt Halpern talks about Stickman Drum Experience at the Regina Drum Festival


"This Stickman Drum Experience is the best format for teaching, learning and sharing that I have ever encountered to date and I've been to more than a few ... Every moment is designed to inspire and share the qualities of music making that encourages us to move forward in our pursuit of excellence in the Arts."  Billy Ward

Chillin' on the deck at Cedar Lodge

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